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Understanding An Fittings: Enjoy Perfect Sealing Throughout The Vehicle

Understanding-An-Fittings-Enjoy-Perfect-Sealing-Throughout-The-Vehicle EVILENERGY


Understanding An Fittings: Enjoy Perfect Sealing Throughout The Vehicle

AN fittings connect metal tubing and flexible hoses together. They provide leak-free connections for carrying fluids. They offer a wide range of applications and the benefits are numerous. With variable sizes and designs available, people often get confused. We will guide you through every step to help you choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Where Is It Used?

Started up from the aviation system, and ended up on race cars and then the common cars, the system standardized fluid connections in all. They feature a 37-degree flare for a tight seal, ensuring reliable and safe plumbing. They also offer a better look compared to the traditional push-on nipples and hose clamps. Found in high-performance systems, the AN fitting kit is used inside the fuel lines, oil cooler, brake system, and power steering system, offering a leak-free connection.

Why make the Upgrade?

This technology was first introduced in WW-II, and now, almost every type of vehicle has it. Great looks, great performance, and great history, all these have earned the AN fittings a famous spot. Here are some of the advantages explained:

  • Easy Assembling: The design makes possible quick and easy connection of hoses to various components.
  • Flexibility: It allows excellent movability and bending to hoses without causing damage to the fittings.
  • Leak-Free: The connections are secured tightly, ensuring no fluid leaks out and causes safety concerns to the system and environment.
  • Durability: Made of aluminum or stainless steel, they are highly resistant to wear and tear.

Types of Connections for AN Fitting

There are 4 categories of AN connections. The first one is the hose end. This covers every 6 AN fitting and other sizes, that are mounted on a hose. The second category is the AN adapters. Its one end has AN thread and the other end has the desired connection. Thirdly, AN weld bungs are the ones to be welded to pipes and other surfaces so that a hose-end can be mounted. Lastly, there are pipe fittings. These are also the 9 AN fitting hardline, clamped to an aluminum pipe.

AN Fittings Size Guide

AN fittings come in various sizes such as 4AN, 6AN, 8AN, and 10AN. Unless you’ve had an experience with a decent amount of them, choosing the right size can be puzzling. Thanks to the fact that we now have standardized sizes which are in reference to the outside diameter of the tube in 1/16” increment. For example, 6 AN fittings mean it is equivalent to 6/16 of an inch. Similarly, a -3 fitting is equivalent to 3/16, and so on. It might seem confusing right now, but once you get used to it, you can identify the size just by looking at it.

How Are Fittings Installed?

It is an important step as it must ensure proper fitting and leak-free operations in the system. The steps include cleaning the hose ends and the fittings, attaching that fitting to a hose by clamping or using a crimping tool, and finally checking for leaks. Following the manufacturer’s instructions helps achieve this task. Some fitting assembly quick tips include:

  • Using a vise with aluminum
  • Having clean cuts
  • Applying masking tape to keep braids together during cutting
  • Hose should bottom out in the socket
  • Pressing down on the hose for tightening.

Choosing from the Best Evil Energy Products

Evil Energy offers a vast collection of all types, sizes, and designs of AN Fittings. It also offers AN Fitting kits. Three of their best products are mentioned below along with their unique description.

1. Evil energy Swivel Aluminum 6AN Hose Fitting

Evilenergy EVIL ENERGY 6AN Hose End Fitting 180 Degree Swivel Aluminum

This 6 AN fitting has a thread size of 9/16-18 UNF. Side sealed by a 37-degree angle, it is made up of Aluminum. About its application, this swivel fitting is limited to use with a hose that is braided with nylon or stainless steel. It features a 360-degree swivel design for ease of assembly and can be reused and recycled. The fitting connection is of Weld type.

2. Evil Energy AN to Hardline Compression Fitting Adapter
Evilenergy EVIL ENERGY 6AN Female Flare to 3/8" 5/16" Compression Hardline Fitting Aluminum Black 2PCS

Available in different sizes like 6AN to 3/8, 6 AN to 5/8, and 6 AN to 1/4, this AN Male is made up of Aluminum alloy and brass ferrule. The connector type is Flare, the thread of which is sealed by a 37-degree angle. AN fitting hardline applies only to Aluminum or stainless steel hardlines and is widely used in fuel systems and engine modification.

3. Evil Energy Swivel Hose End Fitting Kit

Evilenergy EVIL ENERGY 4/6/8/10/12AN Hose End Fitting Straight Swivel Aluminum Black

The kit has 8 pieces in total, 4 of which are straight hose fittings, 2 are 45-degree hose fittings, and 2 are 90-degree hose fittings. The available sizes include the 6AN fittings as well as 8AN and 10AN. It offers easy assembly, reusability, and recyclability.

The Final Anchor: Summing Up

While they may provide the perfect sealing, it is compulsory to state that investing in AN fittings comes with a hefty price tag. It is vital to choose the right manufacturer who sells budget-friendly and high-quality products. Buying AN fitting kit might come as handy. By understanding the right kind, size, and installation technique, you can choose wisely and your vehicle system is good to go.