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How To Change Cold Side Intercooler Pipe For Ford 6.7L 2017-2022

How To Change Cold Side Intercooler Pipe For Ford 6.7L 2017-2022 EVILENERGY

renfeng |

How To Change Cold Side Intercooler Pipe For Ford 6.7L 2017-2022

Are you thinking about change the intercooler pipe for your car by yourself? Well, why not? Today I will show you how to change the clod side ones for Ford 6.7L 2017-2022. All right, let us go!


Here shortly we are going to be transferring over a sensor adding an o-ring and using that stock clip. It is really not that big of a deal and the tools are going to be minimal just a 7 mil for the stock pipe. Maybe a little picker or pocket screwdriver and an 11 mil deep. Well 3 - 8 for a new clamps that they give you. Here are the parts: minutes the zip ties , clamp o-ring, in fact we can go put this o-ring in now. The o-ring that they give you is going to go in this groove , we can just get this put in first, same as the stock pipe, no big deal but we will have to transfer that sensor.


Then we are going to come over to the truck. A few things we are going to disconnect, just like some little tethers around the cooling hose. And also the sensor for the charger cooler temp.


After this, we are going to transfer that over like I said, but we are going to need our trim tool to pop this harness out. Get this out of here and just get it out of the way.


Now you are going to for your clip here. So I am just going to use the trim tool, and pop it out of its groove. We are gonna take this clip and transfer it over to the new.


All right then, we are just gonna just clean this off a little bit.


Then have some nasty gunk on it, and we are gonna put that if this is gonna be facing up, I want the clip half to face up.


I am just gonna get this prepped for installation.


All right, here I get this connection down here. On the inter cooler is a 7 mil, we can see it right there. We are gonna go down with our quarter drive extension, and loosen that up. Be careful not to drop your socket. We are just going to want to flex the rubber off and remove it.


Now you can see that split right here on the top side. That is why we are getting away from this and have a better robust piece of rubber or silicone. Now in this aspect, to better be suited for our boost application. So out with the old and in with the new.


All right, I am going to install this onto the intercooler just like that. Wiggle it all the way on. I would like to remove this and get this out of the way.


So you can better put the silicone hose on, I am just going to rotate the clamp. So I can get around the socket and those lines.


So the next part it is pretty self-explanatory. I am going to slip this clamp over here. Now the rubber is real sticky and dry, so the clamp does not want to move around.


I am trying to slip this in to the silicone. Just twisting it in and then I am going to twist it and further orientate it onto the intake and push it in.

14 15

To make sure the clip is engaged and I am going to tighten the 11 mil. All right tightening the 11 mil tightening , snugging it. Got it and then we are gonna tighten the top one.


Okay we are tight. Now you all might be wondering how you are going to take this sensor out.


So we are going to lift this little tab and we are going to rotate it counter lock wise. And we are going to pulling it out and transfer it right into the new pipe。


And we are going to rotate this and push it in, then turn it.


Then I am going to get the electrical connector just going to re-orientate it. Clip it on and then do something like that.


OK, all work has been done. Very clean looking, way different than using old one.


This is now going to be garbage but difference in look complements the steel pipe and color. Definitely going to be preventing that rupture especially when these dudes are towing for whatever reason that pipes likes to burst.

Tell me in the comment if you have some questions about intercooler pipes. I really appreciate your Communication. All right guys, see you next time.