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Why cool the oil?

Oil has cooling, lubrication, anti-wear and other functions. Generally, the oil cooling of cars is only connected with the water channel to achieve the heat dissipation effect close to the water temperature and meet the needs of transportation.

But for some like violence operation of the driver and car racing fans itself oil cooled enough to give the oil heat, when the oil temperature is too high, can reduce oil viscosity, the loss of the oil film, mechanical severe wear, when loss of oil film lubrication effect, lead to accelerate the engine parts wear, serious when will direct overflowing;

When the oil temperature is too high, the cooling effect of the engine decreases, and it will lead to the advance combustion of fuel and the reduction of power. In this case, it is necessary to add an additional oil cooling device.

    EVIL ENERGY Stacked Plate Oil Cooler Universal Engine Transmission 10AN(10/16/19/30 Row)
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    EVKT04017BK-AMZ1 10 row with adapter $59.99
    EVKT04018BK-AMZ1 16 row with adapter $82.08
    EVKT01274BK-AMZ1 19 row with adapter $96.52
    EVKT04030-AMZ1 30 row with adapter $120.19
    EVIL ENERGY 10/15 Row Oil Cooler Kit 10AN Transmission Universal Engine Cooler
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    EVKT01075BK-AMZ1 10 Row $95.99
    EVKT01252BK-AMZ1 15 Row $138.90
    EVIL ENERGY 4/6/8 Pass Tube Transmission Oil Cooler Universal Kit
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    EVKT01417S1BK-AMZ1 4 pass $35.99
    EVKT01417S2BK-AMZ1 6 pass $40.39
    EVKT01417S3BK-AMZ1 8 pass $55.19
    Transmission Torque Converter Oil Cooler Compatible
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    EV04040 Default Title $69.99