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Fuel Injection Fuel Hose

A fuel injection hose is a specialized hose designed to withstand the high pressure and high temperature conditions found in fuel injection systems. This hose is usually made from a combination of materials such as rubber and nylon that can withstand the harsh chemicals and high temperatures found in fuel injection systems.

    EVIL ENERGY Fuel Injection Hose Fuel Hose Line SAE 30R9 300PSI (3/8 1/4 5/16 inch)
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    SKU: Lengths Size Price Stock Qty
    KT07143S3-1.524 5FT 3/8 inch $28.99
    KT07143S2-1.524 5FT 1/4 inch $27.19
    KT07143S1-1.524 5FT 5/16 inch $28.19
    KT07143S3-3.05 10FT 3/8 inch $42.19
    KT07143S2-3.05 10FT 1/4 inch $37.88
    KT07143S1-3.05 10FT 5/16 inch $43.99
    KT07143S3-7.62 25FT 3/8 inch $71.99
    KT07143S2-7.62 25FT 1/4 inch $59.99
    KT07143S1-7.62 25FT 5/16 inch $65.99