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Butt Joint Clamp

car exhaust system butt joint clamp

Butt joint band feature

Butt joint band clamp is a simple, effective way to connect most of exhaust system components. Aslo can be used for muffler repair.
No welding design, easy to install or remove.
304 stainless steel band, zinc-plated M10 bolt and nut, steel gasket, aluminum alloy I-block.

    EVIL ENERGY Exhaust Clamp Butt Joint Band Clamp Sleeve Coupler Stainless Steel (2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3/4 Inch )
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01346S2.0-AMZ1 2.0inch $13.19
    KT01346S2.25-AMZ1 2.25inch $13.59
    KT01346S2.5-AMZ1 2.5inch $13.99
    KT01346S2.75-AMZ1 2.75inch $14.19
    KT01346S3.0-AMZ1 3.0inch $14.29
    KT01346S4.0-AMZ1 4.0inch $19.19