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Fuel Hose Fitting Adapter

  • These new full flow swivel hose ends swivel 360° to allow for a quick alignment of the hose after assembly. Swivel hose end can be reused and recycle if you do not want them to stay in the original place.
  • Weld-free construction that gives better fluid flow and integrity over the normal brazed together hose ends. Swivel fittings are easy to use and don't require special equipment. We normally recommend a bit of assembly lube to help prevent any galling.
  • EVIL ENERGY provide this product have 3-month warranty.We value your shopping experience and strive to offer a high-quality product and service.

    EVIL ENERGY AN Female to Male Flare 90 Degree Fitting Swivel Aluminium (3/4/6/8/10/12AN)
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01320AN3 3AN $10.08
    KT01320AN4BK 4AN $11.90
    KT01320AN6 6AN $11.30
    KT01320AN8 8AN $11.90
    KT01320AN10 10AN $15.54
    KT01320AN12BK 12AN $15.54
    EVIL ENERGY 4/6/8/10AN Male Tee Fitting Adaptor with Female Swivel on Side
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    SKU: size Price Stock Qty
    KT01869AN4-AMZ1 4AN $15.03
    KT01869AN6-AMZ1 6AN $16.85
    KT01869AN8-AMZ1 8AN $19.38
    KT01869AN10-AMZ1 10AN $21.40
    EVIL ENERGY AN Male to AN Male Flare Coupler Union Straight Fuel Hose Adapter Fitting Black 2PCS
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT00581S1 3AN to 4AN $11.30
    KT00581AN4BK 4AN to 4AN $11.30
    KT00581S2 4AN to 6AN $12.31
    CS00581AN6BK-2 6AN to 6AN $11.50
    KT00581S3 6AN to 8AN $14.49
    KT00581S4 6AN to 10AN $13.32
    KT01382AN8BK 8AN to 8AN $13.22
    KT00581S5 8AN to 10AN $13.32
    CS00581AN10BK-2 10AN to 10AN $12.81
    KT00581S6-2 12AN to 10AN $15.99
    KT00581AN12BK 12AN to 12AN $16.35
    EVIL ENERGY 4/6/8/10/12AN Female to Female 90 Degree Swivel Coupler Union Fitting Adapter Aluminum
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    SKU: Style Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01373AN4BK 90 Degree 4AN $11.40
    KT01373AN6BK 90 Degree 6AN $11.90
    KT01373AN8BK 90 Degree 8AN $13.09
    KT01373AN10BK 90 Degree 10AN $15.10
    KT01373AN12BK 90 Degree 12AN $16.15
    EVIL ENERGY AN Female to AN Male Flare AN Reducer Adapter 2PCS
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    CS00114S1006-2 AN10-AN6 $15.59
    CS00114S0806-2 AN8-AN6 $12.99
    CS00114S1008-2 AN10-AN8 $12.99
    CS00114S0604-2 AN6-AN4 $12.89
    EVIL ENERGY AN Flare to AN ORB Male Fuel Rail Adapter Fitting 2PCS
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01412AN4-AMZ1 4AN ORB to 4AN $12.19
    KT01761S4BK-AMZ1 6AN ORB to 4AN $13.11
    KT01375-AMZ1 6AN ORB to 6AN $16.19
    KT01761S2BK-AMZ1 6AN ORB to 8AN $16.99
    KT01761S6BK-AMZ1 6AN ORB to 10AN $17.99
    KT01761S12BK-2-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 4AN $14.12
    KT01761S1BK-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 6AN $16.14
    KT01412AN8-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 8AN $17.15
    KT01761S8BK-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 10AN $18.16
    KT01761S14BK-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 12AN $15.13
    KT01761S5BK-AMZ1 10AN ORB to 6AN $16.14
    KT01761S3BK-AMZ1 10AN ORB to 8AN $17.15
    KT01412AN10-AMZ1 10AN ORB to 10AN $18.16
    KT01761S9BK-AMZ1 10AN ORB to 12AN $19.17
    KT01761S14BK-2-AMZ1 12AN ORB to 8AN $17.15
    KT01761S7BK-AMZ1 12AN ORB to 10AN $18.16
    KT01412AN12-AMZ1 12AN ORB to 12AN $19.17
    KT01761S15BK-2-AMZ1 12AN ORB to 16AN $26.24
    KT01761S16BK-2-AMZ1 16AN ORB to 16AN $27.16
    KT01761S17BK-2-AMZ1 20AN ORB to 20AN $30.28
    EVIL ENERGY 6/8/10AN Flare to AN ORB Male Swivel Adapter Fitting 90 Degree Black
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01885AN6-AMZ1 6AN $17.99
    KT01885AN8-AMZ1 8AN $21.99
    KT01885AN10-AMZ1 10AN $22.99
    EVIL ENERGY AN Male Flare to Male Metric Fitting Adapter Aluminium Alloy 2PCS
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01268S5-2-AMZ1 3AN to M10*1.0 $10.09
    KT01268S8-2-AMZ1 3AN to M10*1.5 $10.09
    KT01268S9-2-AMZ1 4AN to M10*1.0 $10.09
    KT01268S10-2-AMZ1 4AN to M10*1.25 $10.09
    KT01268S11-2-AMZ1 4AN to M10*1.5 $10.09
    KT01268S3-AMZ1 4AN to M12*1.25 $12.10
    KT01090-AMZ1 4AN to M12*1.5 $14.12
    KT01268S12-2-AMZ1 4AN to M14*1.5 $13.11
    KT01268S13-2-AMZ1 6AN to M10*1.0 $13.11
    KT01268S14-2-AMZ1 6AN to M10*1.25 $13.11
    KT01268S15-2-AMZ1 6AN to M10*1.5 $13.11
    KT01268S4-AMZ1 6AN to M12*1.25 $14.13
    KT01268S2-AMZ1 6AN to M12*1.5 $14.13
    KT01088S2-AMZ1 6AN to M14*1.5 $14.13
    KT01088S4-AMZ1 6AN to M16*1.5 $17.16
    KT01268S16-2-AMZ1 6AN to M20*1.5 $14.13
    KT01268S17-2-AMZ1 6AN to M22*1.5 $14.13
    KT01268S18-2-AMZ1 8AN to M10*1.0 $13.11
    KT01268S19-2-AMZ1 8AN to M10*1.25 $13.11
    KT01268S20-2-AMZ1 8AN to M12*1.5 $14.13
    KT01268S21-2-AMZ1 8AN to M14*1.5 $14.13
    KT01268S22-2-AMZ1 8AN to M16*1.5 $14.13
    KT01268S23-2-AMZ1 8AN to M18*1.5 $14.13
    KT01268S24-2-AMZ1 8AN to M20*1.5 $14.13
    KT01268S26-2-AMZ1 10AN to M12*1.25 $14.13
    KT01268S25-2-AMZ1 10AN to M16*1.5 $14.13
    KT01268S7-AMZ1 10AN to M20*1.5 $17.19
    KT01268S6-AMZ1 10AN to M22*1.5 $15.61
    EVIL ENERGY 6/8/10AN Male to Male Flare Union Coupler with 1/8 NPT Gauge Port Fitting Adapter 2PCS
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    EVKT01858S5-2 AN3 with 1/8 NPT Port $12.99
    EVKT01858S4-2 AN4 with 1/8 NPT Port $12.99
    EVKT01858S1-2 AN6 with 1/8 NPT Port $12.99
    EVKT01858S2-2 AN8 with 1/8 NPT Port $13.99
    EVKT01858S3-2 AN10 with 1/8 NPT Port $13.99
    EVIL ENERGY AN Female to NPT Male Swivel Fitting Aluminum
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01855S1BK-AMZ1 4AN to 1/4NPT $11.99
    KT01855S8BK-AMZ1 6AN to 1/2NPT $12.99
    KT01855S6BK-AMZ1 6AN to 1/4NPT $13.59
    KT01855S5BK-AMZ1 6AN to 1/8NPT $12.99
    KT01855S7BK-AMZ1 6AN to 3/8NPT $12.99
    KT01855S4BK-AMZ1 8AN to 1/2NPT $12.99
    KT01855S2BK-AMZ1 8AN to 1/4NPT $12.99
    KT01855S3BK-AMZ1 8AN to 3/8NPT $12.99
    EVIL ENERGY AN Male Flare to NPT Female Fitting Adapter Aluminum 2PCS
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01854S1BK-2-AMZ1 6AN to 1/2 NPT $12.99
    KT01854S3BK-2-AMZ1 6AN to 1/8 NPT $12.99
    KT01854S7BK-2-AMZ1 8AN to 1/2 NPT $12.99
    KT01854S9BK-2-AMZ1 8AN to 1/8 NPT $12.99
    KT01854S10BK-2-AMZ1 8AN to 3/8 NPT $12.99
    KT01854S12BK-2-AMZ1 10AN to 1/2 NPT $12.99
    KT01854S13BK-2-AMZ1 10AN to 1/4 NPT $12.99
    KT01854S14BK-2-AMZ1 10AN to 1/8 NPT $12.99
    KT01854S15BK-2-AMZ1 10AN to 3/8 NPT $12.99
    EVIL ENERGY AN to NPT Male 90 Degree Fitting Adapter Aluminum Black
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01850S15BK-AMZ1 3AN to 1/4 NPT $12.10
    KT01850S14BK-AMZ1 3AN to 1/8 NPT $11.99
    KT01850S5BK-AMZ1 4AN to 1/4 NPT $12.99
    KT01850S1BK-AMZ1 4AN to 1/8 NPT $10.99
    KT01850S6BK-AMZ1 4AN to 3/8 NPT $13.99
    KT01850S7BK-AMZ1 6AN to 1/2 NPT $14.99
    KT01850S3BK-AMZ1 6AN to 1/4 NPT $10.99
    KT01850S4BK-AMZ1 6AN to 1/8 NPT $11.99
    KT01850S2BK-AMZ1 6AN to 3/8 NPT $11.99
    KT01850S9BK-AMZ1 8AN to 1/2 NPT $16.99
    KT01850S10BK-AMZ1 8AN to 1/4 NPT $14.99
    KT01850S17BK-AMZ1 8AN to 1/8 NPT $13.10