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EVIL ENERGY welcomes friends from all over the world to become our dealers. If you would like to become our dealer or would like more information, please contact us at dealer@ievilenergy.com

Benefits of becoming an EVIL ENERGY dealer:

1. After becoming an authorized EVIL ENERGY dealer, you will get EVIL's best quality fuel system, exhaust system and cooling system parts, which include all kinds of fuel lines, fittings and clamps.

2. You will enjoy specific dealer discounts to build a solid foundation for your distribution. Whether you are purchasing in small or large quantities, you can enjoy the corresponding discounts. Below are the ladder discounts we have set for fittings and other products.

Fittings distribution ladder price list (MOQ is 50 PCS):

 Quantity Discount






Note: Product production cycle is 45-60 days, we may not have all the stock. If you have a distribution program, please notify us in advance.

Distribution Order Total Step Discount Chart (first purchase needs to be over $1,000):

Total Order Amount Discount














SPECIAL NOTE: This dealer discount is a permanent discount. Once you have applied for the discount for the first time, your order will not be subject to a MOQ after that!


3. Product Partners.

If you become an EVIL ENERGY distributor, you will have the opportunity to experience our new products. EVIL ENERGY will send free products to all partners before the release of the new products, and we will improve the products according to the feedback from the use of the products, to bring a better experience for customers! At the same time, we will give away the latest peripheral products from time to time!

4.7*24 hours online service

EVIL ENERGY authorized dealers can also contact our team of manufacturer-trained EVIL performance experts, who are available 7*24 to assist you with your product selection and ordering needs.


Choose EVIL ENERGY as your company's source for fuel, exhaust, and cooling system universal parts! EVIL ENERGY was established in 2016, specializing in Fuel System Universal Parts and gradually developing Exhaust, Cooling System Tuning Parts in recent years. It is the most direct manufacturer of products to give you the most affordable and high quality products. Find factory style fuel system accessories along with other performance components for any vehicle in your store. EVIL ENERGY's team of manufacturer-trained performance experts provide you with all the product selection and ordering assistance you need. Get competitive pricing and a dedicated wholesale account manager through your dealer account. EVIL ENERGY's dealer accounts offer a variety of advantages, so join us! More options for the automotive tuning enthusiast!