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Engine Oil Cooler

EVIL ENERGY Product Introduction

The Importance of an Engine Oil Cooler

Coolant in the oil is especially bad because it lessens the oil's lubrication ability. Oil coolers are very beneficial for certain types of trucks and performance vehicles. If you put your vehicle under a lot of load or run your car's engine at top speed for long periods, then you could benefit from an oil cooler.

    EVIL ENERGY Stacked Plate Oil Cooler Universal Engine Transmission 10AN(10/16/19/30 Row)
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    EVKT04017BK-AMZ1 10 row with adapter $59.99
    EVKT04018BK-AMZ1 16 row with adapter $82.08
    EVKT01274BK-AMZ1 19 row with adapter $96.52
    EVKT04030-AMZ1 30 row with adapter $120.19
    EVIL ENERGY 10/15 Row Oil Cooler Kit 10AN Transmission Universal Engine Cooler
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    SKU: Style Price Stock Qty
    EVKT01075BK-AMZ1 10 Row $95.99
    EVKT01252BK-AMZ1 15 Row $138.90