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Evilenergy  |  SKU: KT01412AN4-AMZ1

EVIL ENERGY AN Flare to AN ORB Male Fuel Rail Adapter Fitting 2PCS

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SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
KT01412AN4-AMZ1 4AN ORB to 4AN $12.19
KT01761S4BK-AMZ1 6AN ORB to 4AN $13.11
KT01375-AMZ1 6AN ORB to 6AN $16.19
KT01761S2BK-AMZ1 6AN ORB to 8AN $16.99
KT01761S6BK-AMZ1 6AN ORB to 10AN $17.99
KT01761S12BK-2-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 4AN $14.12
KT01761S1BK-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 6AN $16.14
KT01412AN8-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 8AN $17.15
KT01761S8BK-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 10AN $18.16
KT01761S14BK-AMZ1 8AN ORB to 12AN $15.13
KT01761S5BK-AMZ1 10AN ORB to 6AN $16.14
KT01761S3BK-AMZ1 10AN ORB to 8AN $17.15
KT01412AN10-AMZ1 10AN ORB to 10AN $18.16
KT01761S9BK-AMZ1 10AN ORB to 12AN $19.17
KT01761S14BK-2-AMZ1 12AN ORB to 8AN $17.15
KT01761S7BK-AMZ1 12AN ORB to 10AN $18.16
KT01412AN12-AMZ1 12AN ORB to 12AN $19.17
KT01761S15BK-2-AMZ1 12AN ORB to 16AN $26.24
KT01761S16BK-2-AMZ1 16AN ORB to 16AN $27.16
KT01761S17BK-2-AMZ1 20AN ORB to 20AN $30.28


Product detail

Size 4/6/8/10/12an ORB to 4/6/8/10/12an
Material Aluminum
Color black
Connector Type Flare
Exterior Aluminum
Thread Type NPT
Number of Pieces 2

About this item

  • Size: The thread size of 4AN is 7/16-20 UNF,6AN is 9/16-18 UNF,8AN is 3/4-16 UNF,10AN is 7/8-14 UNF,12AN is 1 1/16-12 UNF.
  • Seal: The AN side of the flare is sealed by a 37 degree angle and The ORB side is sealed with an O-ring.
  • Material: Made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 body and NBR rubber O-ring.
  • Parameter: Working pressure: 1500PSI. Working temperature:-65°F-252°F. O-ring temperature range: -4°F-392°F.
  • Application: Suitable for fuel rail, oil cooler, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, etc.

Product Description

AN Flare to AN ORB male Adapter
AN Flare to AN ORB male Adapter
AN Flare to AN ORB male Adapter
AN Flare to AN ORB male Adapter

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