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Evilenergy  |  SKU: EVKT01365SR-AMZ1

EVIL ENERGY M20*1.5 Diesel Fuel Rail Plug For 2007.5-2012 6.7L Dodge Cummins & 2004.5-10 GM 6.6L Duramax

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Product Details

Material Stainless Steel and S1550 Alloy Steel
Item weight 70g = 2.47oz
Package weight 100g = 3.53 oz
  • Feature: Pressure relief valve is designed to easily replace a faulty stock relief valve, allowing you to maintain consistent rail pressure—and that makes them especially beneficial to higher horsepower engines! These fuel rail plugs will improve engine starting, and seal in up to 30,000 psi rail pressure to eliminate fuel pressure drops at full revs. The fuel plugs and are great for drivers seeking more power from their diesel.
  • Application: EVIL ENERGY Fuel Rail Plug replaces the factory banjo bolt mounted on the top side of the pressure relief valve. Compatible with 2007.5-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins and compatible with 2004.5-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax.
  • Function: Race Fuel Valve eliminates potential low fuel rail pressure DTC codes P1093 or P0087 (low fuel rail pressure during power enrichment) that are caused by insufficient pressure relief valve (PRV) spring pressure. This leads to the valve opening too early which causes excessive amounts of fuel to be returned to the tank.
  • Rigid Steel Construction: Each Fuel Rail Plug is constructed of stainless steel to avoid cracking and excessive heat expansion. Effective anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-corrosion.
  • Attention: Torque rail plug to 72 ft/lbs. 6.7L Torque rail plug to 72 ft/lbs. 6.6L.

Product Description

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug


Cleanliness cannot be overemphasized when handling or replacing diesel fuel system components. This especially includes the fuel injectors, high-pressure fuel lines and fuel injection pump. Very tight tolerances are used with these parts. Dirt contamination could cause rapid part wear and possible plugging of the fuel injector nozzle tip holes. This in turn could lead to possible engine misfire. Always wash/clean any fuel system component thoroughly before disassembly and the air dry. Cap or cover any open part after disassembly. before assembly, examine each part for dirt, grease or other contaminants and clean if necessary. hen installing new parts, lubricate them with clean engine or clean diesel fuel only.

There are two ways to access the limiting valve. You can either remove the fuel rail by removing the injector lines, supply line and return line and completely removing the rail. This installation method can be difficult as accessing the fittings on #5 and #6 can be difficult. The other option is to disconnect the EGR

and remove the intake manifold. We suggest these instructions as they reduce the chance of damaging fuel system components and take less time.

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

Installation Procedure

Locate the fuel pressure limiting valve. It is screwed into the front of the

fuel rail located on the driver's side of the engine on the intake plenum

behind the intake manifold (see figure, (1)).

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

1st Step

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

2ed Step

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

3rd Step

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

4th Step

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

Installation Procedure

Start the engine and check for leaks.

If no leaks are present, the vehicle is ready to drive.

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

5th Step

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

6th Step

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

7th Step

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

8th Step

Position of Race Relief Plug

6.7 Cummins Fuel Rail Plug

On the 6.7L 2007.5 to Current Cummins, the stock pressure relief valve is located on the back of the driver side fuel rail.

Note: Reuse original o-ring from stock plug

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