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Evilenergy  |  SKU: KT01871AN3

EVIL ENERGY AN Female Hardline Tube Nut & Sleeve Fitting For Alloy Tubing 2PCS

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KT01871AN3 3AN-3/16 $12.71
KT01871AN4 4AN-1/4 $12.71
KT01871AN6 6AN-3/8 $15.24
KT01871AN8 8AN-1/2 $16.05
KT01871AN10 10AN-5/8 $17.05
KT01871AN12 12AN-3/4 $17.04


Product details

Thread Size

3an is 3/8-24 UNF,tube sleeve used to 3/16'' OD inch stainless steel tube.

4an is 7/16-20 UNF,tube sleeve used to 1/4'' OD stainless steel tube.

6an is 9/16-18 UNF,tube sleeve used to 3/8'' OD stainless steel tube.

8an is 3/4-16 UNF,tube sleeve used to 1/2'' OD stainless steel tube.

10an is 7/8-14 UNF,tube sleeve used to 5/8'' OD stainless steel tube.

12an is 1 1/16-12 UNF,tube sleeve used to 3/4'' OD stainless steel tube.

Material Aluminum
Exterior Finish Aluminum
Color Black
Metal Type Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • [Installation] Need to install the tube nut on the tubing first,followed by this tube sleeve.Then use a 37° flaring tool to flare the end of the coiled aluminum tube.Professional installation recommended.
  • [Function] The nut is used for the conversion of the hard pipe and the fitting,the sleeve is used to fix the aluminum pipe and prevent it from moving, and the sleeve is sealed with a 37 degree and an outer flaring of the aluminum pipe.
  • [Note] 6AN tubing nuts and sleeves can only be used for stainless steel/aluminum tube, and a 37-degree angle flaring tool needs to be used to flaring the aluminum pipe to ensure tightness with the sleeve.
  • [Warranty] EVIL ENERGY provide 6an tube nut and sleeve 3-month warranty.

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