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Every vehicle owner wants better fuel efficiency and a longer lifespan of the engine. To achieve this engine efficiency, you need to think about key upgrades. These aftermarket modifications can help you attain the highly optimized functionality of your engine. Among the top-performing upgrades available, the engine oil cooler and hose barb fittings stand out. These enhancements have proven to make a remarkable difference in the engine’s health and longevity. But before jumping on to the best products available, you need to understand their purpose and the benefits offered. Let’s explore this in detail!

What is an Engine Oil Cooler?

If your engine oil mixes with the coolant, it can be an alarming situation. This could lead to reduced lubrication ability of your engine oil, causing trouble for your engine. It also causes wear and tear, reduced performance, and even engine damage. An Engine Oil Cooler is an upgrade that prevents the oil from getting too hot. It’s like a small radiator that cools the oil, helping the engine and transmission last longer. Now, let’s explore other benefits that the engine oil cooler offers.

Perks Offered

  • A well-regulated oil temperature can lead to improved fuel efficiency, saving you money on fuel costs.
  • By preventing overheating, engine oil coolers reduce the risk of engine damage, resulting in fewer costly repairs.
  • They enhance engine efficiency by maintaining oil at the optimal temperature, reducing friction and wear.
  • The controlled oil temperature contributes to a longer engine lifespan by minimizing stress on engine components.
  • With consistent oil cooling, the engine can perform at its peak, delivering better power and responsiveness.

Best Performing Engine Oil Coolers

1. Stacked Plate Oil Cooler - 10/16/19/30 Row

 1.Stacked Plate Oil Cooler - 10/16/19/30 Row

The Evil Energy Stacked Plate Oil Cooler offers a range of sizes, including 10, 16, 19, and 30 rows. It also has different options for adapters and fits well to various vehicle types. The stacked plate oil cooler is made from durable aluminum alloy. This makes it capable of withstanding test pressures of up to 116psi and burst pressures of up to 232psi. Whether you are seeking a solution to cool down the engines, transmissions, or rear differentials, it covers all.

2. Row Oil Cooler Kit - 10AN

 Row Oil Cooler Kit - 10AN

The Evil Energy Row Oil Cooler Kit is available in 10 Row and 15 Row versions. Both versions are designed to provide maximum engine performance. This oil cooler kit is made from nylon braided and CPE inner materials. Row oil cooler kit can withstand the working pressure of 500psi and a broad operating temperature range from -40 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit. It offers a universal fit suitable for a wide range of cars. However, some specific applications may require additional accessories. The compact and durable design ensures an easy installation process.

What is Hose Barb Fitting?

Hose barb fittings are vital upgrades for your engine’s fluid system. They feature ridges that expand and securely grip the inside of a tube. Hose barb fittings help create reliable, airtight connections without tubing damage. These fittings are widely used in low-pressure applications. Due to their effectiveness and simple design, they are used for efficient fluid and gas transfer in various industries.

Perks Offered

  • Hose barb fittings create a reliable seal between the tubing and the fitting, ensuring leak-free connections in fluid systems.
  • They are cost-effective system components, providing high value for their role in ensuring secure and dependable connections.
  • These fittings offer a user-friendly experience, with straightforward hand installation and maintenance procedures. This simplicity makes them a preferred choice for many applications.
  • Hose barb fittings offer enhanced chemical compatibility, which ensures their adaptability to various fluid types and applications.

Best Performing Hose Barb Fittings

1. Barb Fitting Adapter 45 Degree

 Barb Fitting Adapter 45 Degree

45-degree NPT Male to Barb Fitting Adapter by Evil Energy is a versatile solution for your fluid system connections. This adapter is available in different sizes, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection with a 45-degree angle for flexibility. They are ideal for applications like oil coolers, fuel tanks, air-cooled motors, and fuel systems. Using clamps during installation is highly recommended for optimal performance.

2. NPT Male to Barb Fitting Adapter 90 Degree

 NPT Male to Barb Fitting Adapter 90 Degree

Evil Energy 90-degree NPT Male to Barb Fitting Adapter is another upgrade for fluid system connections. This fitting is generally ideal for all sizes but offers a 90-degree angle as an additional conveyance. This adapter has a 3/8-18 NPT thread, and its barb has a 1/2-inch size. It offers a sealant or special tape on the NPT side to prevent leaks.

Easy Maintenance Tips

  • Regularly inspect your components for wear and leaks.
  • Keep your engine fittings clean to maintain its efficiency.
  • Ensure all connections of hose barb fittings are securely tightened.
  • Promptly replace any damaged or worn-out parts.
  • Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance.

Your Road to Peak Performance

Upgrading your engine with fittings like engine oil coolers and hose barb fittings may help achieve more efficient performance. However, remember that regular maintenance is equally vital to ensure these enhancements work effectively. With these upgrades and proper maintenance, you can enjoy smoother rides and minimize the damage risk, leading to a more reliable driving experience.