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Exhaust Mufflers

EVIL ENERGY Product Introduction

Exhaust Muffler Features

Straight-through performance exhaust muffler feature a free-flowing stainless steel perforated straight pipe wrapped with fiberglass to produce a low, deep tone, aggressive to enhance the sound. With different RPM, there will be a different sound experience.

    EVIL ENERGY Universal Stainless Steel Burnt Exhaust Tips 15" Length Exhaust Muffler
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    ES00060 2inch in 3inch out-Burnt $37.36
    KT01763BL 2.25inch in 3inch out-Burnt $50.49
    KT01370 2.5inch in 4inch out-Burnt $59.58
    KT01583 3inch in 4inch out-Burnt $59.58
    EVIL ENERGY Stainless Steel Exhaust Resonator Muffler 13.8" Length
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    SKU: Size Price Stock Qty
    KT01264S2.0-AMZ1 2'' Inlet 2'' Outlet $38.39
    KT01264S2.25-AMZ1 2.25'' Inlet 2.25'' Outlet $43.42
    KT01264S2.5-AMZ1 2.5'' Inlet 2.5'' Outlet $46.85
    KT01264S3.0-AMZ1 3'' Inlet 3'' Outlet $45.49