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Evilenergy  |  SKU: ES00210S2.0-10

EVIL ENERGY 10PCS V Band Clamp With Male Female Flange Stainless Steel Wholesalers (2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3.0/3.5/4.0 inch)

$148.99 USD
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SKU: Specification Size Price Stock Qty
ES00210S2.0-10 10PCS 2.0inch $148.99 āœ”
ES00210S2.25-10 10PCS 2.25inch $155.99 āœ”
ES00210S2.35-10 10PCS 2.35inch $165.89 āœ”
ES00210S2.5-10 10PCS 2.5inch $168.99 āœ”
ES00210S2.75-10 10PCS 2.75inch $175.99 āœ”
ES00210S3.0-10 10PCS 3.0inch $178.89 āœ”
ES00210S3.5-10 10PCS 3.5inch $180.99 āœ”
ES00210S4.0-10 10PCS 4.0inch $190.89 āœ”

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Product details

Material Stainless Steel
Color Metallic
Style V Band Clamp
Packing quantity 10PCS