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Most vehicles rolling off the assembly line these days are powered by engines made with very standardized exhaust parts whose quality deteriorates with time. This exhaust deterioration, in turn, affects the engine power output and fuel economy. Considering this compromised power potential, automobile owners tend to move towards installing customized upgrades to maximize torque, horsepower, and other performance parameters. One common upgrade is the aftermarket installations and kits related to vehicle exhaust systems. Read below to understand why your vehicle exhaust needs an upgrade and some ways to do it!

Enhanced Fuel Economy

The relation here is simple: the better the exhaust system, the more the fuel mileage, meaning improved economy overall. Though there are more ways to up vehicle fuel economy, custom exhaust tends to elevate airflow in the engine, which can result in lesser fuel consumption and increased mileage. However, it's important for custom exhaust to fit correctly with the vehicle engine. Otherwise, wrong-fitted aftermarket exhaust may burn more fuel to match the need for high-powered engines.

Better Engine Performance

Among all the benefits of exhaust modification, the optimization of engine performance certainly outweighs them. Compared to standard exhaust with crushed bends, aftermarket exhaust makes use of mandrel bends. These unconventional bends improve consistent exhaust flow, enabling the engine to perform more effectively in terms of higher value for torque and horsepower.

Improved Engine Longevity

Most engines of present-day vehicles come with exhaust systems made of mild steel material that often begins to corrode and needs to be repaired or replaced. Or else, a defective exhaust system further aggravates performance issues and leakage of exhaust that eventually could lead to engine failure. Contrarily, custom exhaust parts feature more durable stainless steel that prevents rusting issues, which translates into an extended engine lifetime.

Exhaust Upgrades Our Experts Vouch For

There are multiple choices for exhaust replacement, but all serve the common goal of elevating engine efficiency to up the driving experience. Below, we have discussed in detail some of the best-selling products of Evil Energy you can choose from when it comes to exhaust modification.

Electric Exhaust Cutout

The exhaust cutout is a y-pipe installation between the header and muffler of the exhaust system. This opening allows exhaust to travel from the muffler to the tailpipe region. Since the exhaust cutout electrically connects to the dashboard, drivers can cap or decap it at the touch of a button. Once opened, an electric exhaust cutout diverts exhaust fumes from the muffler region, offering a great deal of noise enhancement.

 Electric Exhaust Cutout

The Evil Energy electric exhaust cutout kit comes with a unique butterfly-design plate and remote control that ranges up to 20m. Compared to older versions, this exhaust cutout kit contains fewer components with a 3-month warranty, and is easy to install. Engineered for a single exhaust pipe, this e-cutout vows to increase performance output by allowing for deep, aggressive engine sound.

 Electric Exhaust Cutout

Exhaust Clamp Sleeve

Exhaust clamps, in different designs, offer the most effective way to use in between pipe connections within the engine exhaust. This exhaust clamp sleeve of Evil Energy is a butt joint clamp designed for multipurpose use in conjunction with pipes, mufflers, or catalytic converters.

 Exhaust Clamp Sleeve

Made with high-quality grade stainless steel, this clamp sleeve has an easy installation, courtesy of its no-welding design. This clamp is designed to give 360 uniform force that keeps pipes from deformation and exhaust leakage. Its I-block design provides the leverage of a strong connection between exhaust pipes.

 Exhaust Clamp Sleeve

Which Other Engine Upgrade Is Possible To Enhance Performance?

If you are looking to modify your industry-standard engine outside of its exhaust, experts suggest switching to an in-line external fuel pump for a custom fuel system. Modified engines need frequent repair and maintenance, for which one needs to remove fuel pumps. Also, because of the upgrades an engine goes through, its stock mechanical pump often fails to deliver the required performance.

In any case, it is advised to owners to move towards in-line electric fuel pumps for consistently improved performance in the long run. Below is a detailed description of one of our external fuel pumps you can look up to while upgrading your standard vehicle fuel system.

Evil Energy External In-Line Fuel Pump

Evil Energy’s in-line fuel pump comes in a universal fit compatible with all diesel, gasoline, and ethanol/alcohol fuel engines. This in-line fuel pump has a 6-month warranty, and its package also contains a step-by-step instruction guide to help customers with installation.

Installing this external pump below the fuel tank is recommended to ensure it is gravity-fed from the tank. Or else, improper installation can cause leakage, resisting fuel flow up to the pump that can further damage the fuel system.

Bottom Line

It’s worth mentioning that there are system upgrades available for engine exhaust in the market that could offer more harm than good. Therefore, always ensure to get professional help before tweaking your vehicle engine. The Evil Energy exhaust and fuel system upgrades discussed in this article are known to be beneficial to keeping up your engine performance.